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About Us

Harrington Homes was established for the purpose of building strong, affordable, energy efficient homes with the design elegance of architectural features from Bermuda Built homes.  Using our propriety concrete and steel panel system, we were able to eliminate many of the sub-trades usually involved in the building process and bring them directly under our umbrella, reducing materials waste, scheduling time,  costs and increasing efficiency overall.

Our system was created for building homes, commercial buildings, and hotels throughout the Caribbean in areas known for hurricanes, strong winter storms and high energy costs.  As the US housing market increased in demand, it was time to introduce our panel system into the US market, changing the dynamics of the “Status Quo”. 

Harrington Homes is backed with over 35 years of building experience:

Chris Wallington began building in Bermuda in 1996 with experience in all aspects of custom residential homes to light commercial.  His building career has taken him to many parts of the world with unique challenges few would accept.  Upon his arrival to live in Florida, he began a manufacturing company building custom doors, windows and cabinets.

Matt Rodriguez has been in the building industry since his early teens starting with his father’s company in the cabinet industry.  After attending university, he decided to pursue a career in the construction industry full time and took over Century Cabinets Inc from his father and has run it successfully since. Century Cabinets has now grown into Century Cabinets & Millwork with the addition of windows, doors, trim, and shutters along with the cabinets. 

Bringing the combined years of experience with all aspects of both general construction and finishes such as doors, cabinets, counter top and trim, it is the perfect combination to bring our homes to completion.