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Energy Efficiency

Building with our proprietary system not only brings exceptional strength and quality control, it also allows for us to offer high energy efficiency. 

Every home in Florida needs to pass an Energy Performance Level (EPL) calculation and have an index rating.  An energy efficient home is considered any building with an Energy Performance Index below 70 (the lower the number on the index, the more efficient your home is).  Having an energy efficient home not only lowers your electrical bills, but with any home having an Energy Performance Index below 70 allows you to qualify for Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) incentives.  Visit www.Energygauge.com for more information.

Choosing our standard option of insulation and air conditioning seer rating, your future home will outperform any traditionally built home.  Whilst each of our models have different ratings on the Energy Performance Index, a good example for comparison would be our Cambridge model.  Using our building method and insulation package, this home has an Energy Performance Index of 68.  If this same model was built in a traditional method, it would exceed 85.

Upgrading the insulation to our premium package and an energy index rating can be further increased.  Some of our homes have an index rating as high as 62.