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Our Building Method

In 2008, Founder Chris Wallington was presented with a challenge from an architect to fill a specific need for a specific customer: “Produce a building system which reduces costs and increases energy efficiency but does not compromise strength, durability or looks”…It was a tall order but, Chris was up to the task.

After months of developing, engineering and testing, our goal was achieved.  We had reduced costs and material waste, increased energy efficiency and produced a method in which we could build homes in reduced construction time whilst the quality and strength of the building was not compromised.

Our building method comprises of a proprietary 5,000 psi reinforced concrete and steel wall panel system.  Our structural ratings allow us to build anywhere in the state of Florida, including coastal areas that are exposed to the full force of major hurricanes.   The insulation value of our homes far exceeds that of a block home, reducing energy costs and saving our customers money immediately upon purchase.

Manufacturing our wall system at our facility in DeLand, Florida allows us to control material quality, the amount of waste and reduces exposure to the elements during construction as site time is limited.  We are able to begin production of the wall panels simultaneously with work on site reducing construction times.  Our walls can be installed and ready for roof framing in as little as two days after grade slab is installed.